Wheel Protectant
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Bare Aluminum Wheel Protectant provides superior corrosion control for bare aluminum surfaces by forming a protective polymeric coating.

  • One Single-Use Wipe
  • The long-lasting formula is detergent and UV-resistant and is compatible with Harley-Davidson® approved painted surfaces
  • Apply at the first signs of environmental corrosion on bare aluminum wheels or Cut-Back and Burst Collection accessories
  • Protectant should not be applied to mirror-polished surfaces or areas that will achieve operating temperatures greater than 300 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Apply to : For use on bare aluminum surfaces
  • One-piece cover dresses the bike and protects the coolant hoses below the coil cover
  • Easy to install

This kit provides a freer breathing capability to pump-up the power of your EFI-equipped motorcycle.

  • Air Cleaner features a washable high-flow, oiled cotton media element
  • Includes a high-flow air filter element, Screamin Eagle air cleaner medallion, and all required hardware